Nina Kayy Ride This Disco Stick

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When Nina Kayy and her man get home after a night out on the town, they overhear her steppy telling someone on the phone that he does not like dancing. Ninas man gives her the idea of teaching him some of the moves they learned earlier that night, and Nina is all about it. She heads upstairs to give him some private dance lessons. She starts off by putting both of his hands on her apple bottom ass and swaying like shes on the ballroom floor. Then she does a twirl and shows off her incredible curves for her gawking steppy to take in. But the advanced part of the lesson starts just now. Nina whips out his disco stick and does a swan dive with her throat. Then he takes her from below and shows her some of his moves. Looks like this steppy will be doing the disco inferno in no time!

Download the Full Action Here!

Download the Full Action Here!

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