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Rissa May Makes Debut at Titty Attack

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Rissa and Will are trying to solve a mystery in a creepy and abandoned house. Yet, big tit teen porn star Rissa alias Velma is not that worried about what happened there. The busty babe wants to spend some time alone with Will and have some horny fun with him. When the timing is right, she jumps at the chance to show him what she can do, but with a killer on the loose, the gang should be on the watch!

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Case No. 7906265 – Trick-or-Shoplift

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Rusty wants to spend some quality time with Khloe, so he thought it would be a good idea to go trick-or-treating together at the mall’s Halloween event. Khloe thinks she’s too old for it, but she decides to take advantage of all the distractions at the mall and put more than candy in her bag. After getting caught by Officer Jenna, both Khloe and Rusty are in big trouble. Showing her steppy that she’s not as innocent as he thinks, she convinces him and Jenna to settle things with a hot threesome.

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Who’s Hot for the Big Bad Wolf?

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Ken and his steppy Madi are really excited about Halloween and decide to go dressed as Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. The problem is that Melody, Ken’s wife, feels left out because she was not consulted about it and her Wicked Witch costume doesn’t match with theirs. But this is the least of Melody’s problems, as Madi and Ken are actually having more fun fooling around the house in the raunchiest ways possible. Lucky for them, Melody is too busy giving out candy to trick-or-treaters to notice their sexy shenanigans. However, they better watch out, as they might get caught in the middle of nasty acts at any second!

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Last Minute Bliss with Rebecca Vanguard & Octavia Red by All Girl Massage

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Rebecca Vanguard is preparing her massage table at a beautiful poolside. Her client, Octavia Red, arrives late and is stressed because of it, fretting over having made Rebecca wait. It’s revealed that Octavia just started vacation but that everything has gone wrong so far, which is why she’s in desperate need of a nice, relaxing massage.

Rebecca gets Octavia to strip down and lie down on the massage table. She sensually massages oil all over Octavia’s body, using her magic fingers to work the tension out of Octavia’s muscles. Slowly and surely, Octavia becomes aroused, and Rebecca decides that even though Octavia’s vacation may not have had a happy beginning, it can certainly have a happy ending!

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Kenzie Taylor, Blake Blossom & Slimthick Vic in Picture Her As Me

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Slimthick Vic and Blake Blossom are hanging out on their bed, two blindfolds next to them. They’re a bit nervous, but also excited… since they’re going to be doing something quite adventurous this afternoon. Something they’ve never done before… You see, Vic and Blake are worried that their love life has grown too routine. They know each other so well at this point that nothing surprises them anymore.

That’s why they’ve invited a random hookup, Kenzie Taylor, to join them for a threesome. But this won’t be any regular threesome. In this situation, Vic and Blake will be blindfolded while Kenzie pleasures them in surprising ways. The idea is for Vic and Blake to imagine themselves doing it to each other, while Kenzie is there to make sure things stay spontaneous.

But after some time, Vic and Blake are way too turned on to keep pretending. They want to SEE the woman who’s been giving them such erotic pleasure. They take off their blindfolds and bring Kenzie in for some more sensual fun between the sheets.

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More Than Fitness by The Real Workout with Riley Reign

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Sweet blonde Riley Reign wants to exercise to keep her body tight. As she works out at the gym, trainer Ken Feels can’t help but notice her stunning figure, amazing boobs, and perfectly round ass. He approaches her to offer some advice, but it’s soon clear that they both want more than fitness tips. True workout starts as Ken fucks Riley right in the middle of the gym, an intense session that will surely burn a lot of calories!

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Kimora Quin in Not A Little Angel Anymore by Little Asians

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Kimora wants to attend her family’s Halloween party in the sluttiest devil costume she could get so she could have a chance to meet someone new and lose her virginity. Her steppy Donnie can’t have her stepping out of the house dressed like that. Kimora Quin decides that, if she can’t have sex with someone else, she’ll just take care of her needs herself. When Donnie catches her in a devilish solo moment, he finally realizes that Kimora is all grown and longer his little angel, but she still has to prove she’s got what it takes to be called a playful little devil.

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