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All Girl Massage The Pampering She Deserves with Olive Glass & Nicole Kitt

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Nicole Kitt arrives home late, due to a recent promotion at work. She finds a series of romantic gifts from her gf, Olive Glass, in various rooms around their home, to congratulate her on the promotion. The final gift is that their bedroom has been decorated to look like a spa, complete with a massage table. However, because Nicole came home late, Olive is already snoring on the bed!

Nicole is deeply moved by Olive’s efforts, and decides to give her a massage after rousing her. When Olive points out that SHE is supposed to be the one giving the massage, Nicole insists that now it’s HER turn to do something romantic. Olive is happy enough to accept, which leads to a very intimate massage and sweet lovemaking.

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Case No. 7906296 – Reality Check with Summer Col & August Skye by Shoplyfter

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When Summer and August are caught shoplifting, loss prevention officer Jack Vegas apprehends them for investigation. The babes swear they were just trying to get a shoplifting take for a reality show, but the store staff has no idea what they’re talking about, and there is no film crew present. Jack knows the babes are full of it, but if they want to get away without landing in a world of trouble, maybe they can work something out despite their actions. Summer and August know Jack’s type and his sexual suggestions totally take them aback. Still, they will do anything to get out of this situation and know sex is the easiest way to get Jack to change his mind. Summer and August are hesitant but ultimately decide that sucking and fucking is going to be the best option. The babes get right to work, sucking off the older guy and letting him take full control. Being so submissive feels wrong, but at the same time, a part of the Summer and August like how dirty and kinky they feel in the situation. They’ve never let a guy take full control before, and knowing they need to fuck their way out of trouble has a breath of excitement to it. Jack busts a big load for the babes, and they promise never to shoplift again, but that’s what all the babes at this store say.

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I’m Going Through Changes

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Vanna has always connected closely with her adoptive parents, Bridgette and Ryan. They’ve taken care of her and treated her well for as long as she can remember, but things take a turn in an unorthodox way when she becomes an adult. When Vanna is a grown woman, Bridgette and Ryan have different expectations regarding affection in the household. Bridgette B shows Vanna what she means when she lays her down on the bed and eats her pussy, all in front of Ryan. Vanna can’t believe what’s happening. She knows this is fucked up on many levels, but at the same time, she is beyond happy and was hoping for her relationship with Bridgette and Ryan to go in this direction. Now, with Bridgette eating her pussy, and Ryan stroking his cock while watching, Vanna knew their relationship was about to get wild and risque all the time. It’s not long after when Ryan gets his turn. Vanna can feel her heart racing as she pulls down Ryan’s pants to reveal his hardening cock. She sucks him off delicately, letting his shaft slide down her throat. It’s a wild sensation and one that Vanna has had on her mind since her first fling with Bridgette. Soon, Bridgette joins in on the fun, and both women do everything they can to please Ryan, building him closer and closer to his climax.

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Paris Pantyhose Fuck Date with Big ASS French Babe Chloe Chevalier at POV Perv

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OMG! Had some interaction with this sexy French babe on Tinder and we met up in Paris. I invited her over after dinner so she could try on some sexy new Pantyhose I bought her on the Champs Élysées. That soft silky feel on her legs and ass is just what she needed to get hot and horny for some Older American cock. Chloe is so happy to have a American Daddy now and she wants to show how grateful she has become by fucking and sucking that big American cock until she gets all covered in sticky warm CUM.

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One Last Trip Together with Chloe Rose

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Clarke and his steppy Chloe Rose take a last trip together to their vacation house before she goes off to college. She is moving in with her bf, something that Clarke doesn’t really approve of. He wants his steppy to enjoy the full college experience. As soon as they arrive, they start remembering… She used to put on her bathing suit and go swimming in the lake with her steppy. Now that she’s all grown up, she wants to go for one last swim, but first, Clarke wants to really know if her bf is taking care of her needs. By playing with her pussy, Clarke realizes that the guy doesn’t know how to please her, so he pulls out his cock to see how Chloe reacts. The naughty blonde starts licking his cock while talking to her bf on the phone. Proving she is talented when it comes to eating dick, Chloe tries to wander off and go to the lake, but Clarke convinces her to stay for a juicier activity. They enjoy a bonding moment as Clarke pounds Chloe’s pussy, making her realize her steppy fucks her better than her bf. She still loves her boyfriend, but she can’t go to college without the warm feeling of Clarke’s cock releasing his buttery load inside of her tight pussy…

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