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Valentine Reversal with Fiona Frost & Addis Fouche

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Both Fiona Frost & Addis Fouche slobber on his cock, taking turns filling their mouths and seeing who can fit it the deepest. The sensation of her sucking his dick drives Kyle wild. Addis can’t believe this is happening, either. To think her day started with fantasizing about her steppy’s naked body to her now giving him a blowjob – it feels unreal in the best way. They’re all starting to have fun. Addis wants to ride her steppy’s dick and deepen their bond in a way she’s dreamt about for a long time. It feels incredible getting fucked by her steppy. Their connection is intimate and familiar, and the tension is heightened by how forbidden it all is. Kyle and Addis both know this will have to be a secret they share for the rest of their lives. Her juices drip and get all over Kyle’s cock and balls as he pounds her pussy harder and harder. Fiona wants her turn, too. The babes move between positions, eating each other out and sharing Kyle’s cock playfully. When Kyle can no longer hold his load, he shoots his shot all over their adorable faces. They look immaculate, showered in cum. The babes swap his load with passionate tongue kisses, taking in the moment and reveling in their Valentine’s Day reversal.

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