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All Girl Massage The Pampering She Deserves with Olive Glass & Nicole Kitt

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Nicole Kitt arrives home late, due to a recent promotion at work. She finds a series of romantic gifts from her gf, Olive Glass, in various rooms around their home, to congratulate her on the promotion. The final gift is that their bedroom has been decorated to look like a spa, complete with a massage table. However, because Nicole came home late, Olive is already snoring on the bed!

Nicole is deeply moved by Olive’s efforts, and decides to give her a massage after rousing her. When Olive points out that SHE is supposed to be the one giving the massage, Nicole insists that now it’s HER turn to do something romantic. Olive is happy enough to accept, which leads to a very intimate massage and sweet lovemaking.

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Case No. 7906296 – Reality Check with Summer Col & August Skye by Shoplyfter

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When Summer and August are caught shoplifting, loss prevention officer Jack Vegas apprehends them for investigation. The babes swear they were just trying to get a shoplifting take for a reality show, but the store staff has no idea what they’re talking about, and there is no film crew present. Jack knows the babes are full of it, but if they want to get away without landing in a world of trouble, maybe they can work something out despite their actions. Summer and August know Jack’s type and his sexual suggestions totally take them aback. Still, they will do anything to get out of this situation and know sex is the easiest way to get Jack to change his mind. Summer and August are hesitant but ultimately decide that sucking and fucking is going to be the best option. The babes get right to work, sucking off the older guy and letting him take full control. Being so submissive feels wrong, but at the same time, a part of the Summer and August like how dirty and kinky they feel in the situation. They’ve never let a guy take full control before, and knowing they need to fuck their way out of trouble has a breath of excitement to it. Jack busts a big load for the babes, and they promise never to shoplift again, but that’s what all the babes at this store say.

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Staring at My Huge Tits? with Maya Farrell by Titty Attack

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Maya Farrell is a cute gal who likes to live life on the edge. She loves teasing guys around the block with her skimpy and slutty outfits, especially to flash those perfectly round and juicy boobs of hers. Today she is planning on going out with something that leaves nothing to the imagination and getting herself a man by catching him staring at her huge knockers. Elias falls for her trap, fixing his eyes on her huge tits, so Maya works her magic on his cock, filling it with saliva to swallow it. A true provocateur, Maya takes control of the situation by giving Elias a titjob and fucking the guy’s dick with her starvin’ pussy.

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Virgin Butterfly at Teens Love Black Cocks

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Virgin Butterfly desperately needs some maintenance on her pipes, so she calls handyman Romeo for his help. The skillful stud gets right to work on fixing Butterfly’s sink. While Romeo fixes her sink, Butterfly admires a different pipe – she can tell Romeo has a big cock, and she’d really like to see it in action. Romeo completes his work only to find out that Butterfly has no money. She reassures him there is another way to reward him for his hard work. Butterfly grabs Romeo’s cock, letting him know he can take her pussy as a thanks for fixing her sink. The stud is caught off guard, but he isn’t going to pass up the opportunity to fuck this sweet chick. Butterfly gets on her knees and sucks Romeo’s cock. His big black dick is a new experience for her, but she loves every second of having his cock rammed down her throat. Romeo then fucks the Euro chick hard, going as deep as he can when he fucks her pussy. Romeo finishes in Butterfly’s mouth, pumping her full of hot sticky cum.

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Valentine Reversal with Fiona Frost & Addis Fouche

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Both Fiona Frost & Addis Fouche slobber on his cock, taking turns filling their mouths and seeing who can fit it the deepest. The sensation of her sucking his dick drives Kyle wild. Addis can’t believe this is happening, either. To think her day started with fantasizing about her steppy’s naked body to her now giving him a blowjob – it feels unreal in the best way. They’re all starting to have fun. Addis wants to ride her steppy’s dick and deepen their bond in a way she’s dreamt about for a long time. It feels incredible getting fucked by her steppy. Their connection is intimate and familiar, and the tension is heightened by how forbidden it all is. Kyle and Addis both know this will have to be a secret they share for the rest of their lives. Her juices drip and get all over Kyle’s cock and balls as he pounds her pussy harder and harder. Fiona wants her turn, too. The babes move between positions, eating each other out and sharing Kyle’s cock playfully. When Kyle can no longer hold his load, he shoots his shot all over their adorable faces. They look immaculate, showered in cum. The babes swap his load with passionate tongue kisses, taking in the moment and reveling in their Valentine’s Day reversal.

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Nuru Massage Rave Review with Willow Ryder

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Willow Ryder greets her next massage client, Will Pounder, as she gets the room set up for him. He seems a little down, however, so Willow asks him how his week has been. It turns out that Will is having some ‘lady problems’ of late, and it’s been affecting him a great deal. His muscles are sore, he has anxiety, he’s up all night… he’s a total mess, to be honest.

Willow listens intently and informs Will that what he’s describing makes total sense. It’s quite common for outside stresses to affect the body in various ways, even leading to muscle soreness and cramping. Given Will’s situation, she’d like to recommend a unique type of massage called a NURU massage, which she’s certain will help alleviate Will’s tension.

They strip naked together, with Will lying down on his front as Willow pours NURU gel over herself and starts gliding over his back. Will can feel Willow’s breasts rubbing up against his skin and her soft thighs touching his legs as she works her way across his body. By the time he flips over onto his back, his cock is rock-hard, and it seems that, in an instant, his lady problems are about to vanish…

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Demi Hawks Loves Trainers Big Black Cock

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Demi and Mike are stuck in a rut. She feels horny and Mike isn’t even trying to have sex with her anymore, but demanding her to cook for him and other gestures instead. Tired, Demi decides it’s time to get her some, and Jovan, her hunky black personal trainer, is the perfect man for the job. Demi Hawks will enjoy Jovan’s big black cock no matter what, even if she gets caught by Mike in the middle of some hut fun.

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