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A New Sitter In Town with Haley, Gizelle & Jane

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Haley Spades, a sitter, is sitting when she is visited by Jane Rogers and Gizelle Blanco, who are also sitters. Jane and Gizelle are NOT HAPPY and invite themselves inside to talk. They are rivals worried about competition, claiming that Haley is poaching their clients. They want Haley to STOP sitting in the area.

But Haley isn’t fazed at all by their presence. Instead, she becomes inspired and subtly starts pitting Jane and Gizelle against each other. That’s when Jane and Gizelle start bickering, each claiming to be the better sitter. The more they bicker, the more Haley fuels the flames!

The mounting tension eventually leads to Jane and Gizelle getting into a catfight and tearing each other’s clothes. At the sight of two sexy ladies ripping their clothes off, caught up in the heat of the moment, Haley becomes aroused. Pleasantly surprised by the escalation, she encourages Jane Rogers and Gizelle to kiss since it’s OBVIOUS they have some TENSION to work out. Of course, once Jane and Gizelle FINALLY catch onto what Haley’s doing, they say that they’ll let her join IF she gets off their turf!

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Jessica & Jane Seducing The Easter Bunny

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It’s Easter Day and steppy Jessica Ryan is feeling kind of down because it’s only the first time that Jane Rogers and Rion King are spending time together. Suddenly, they get a visit from the Easter bunny and Rion notices how Jessica and Jane are all over him, so he throws him out and steals his bunny costume. Later, Jane and Jessica plot to seduce the Easter bunny, but when they’re in the middle of some good bunny humping they realize it’s been Rion all along! These Easter celebrations turned out way more devious than expected!

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