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Indoor Beach Party with Lacy, Lily, Indica and Apryl

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Four friends – Lacy Lennon, Lily Larimar, Indica Monroe, and Apryl Rein – are ready to go to a beach party but are stopped in their tracks by a sudden downpour.

The girls are frustrated about how fast the weather changed and whine about how they can’t go to the beach party now. Their day is RUINED! But someone quickly proposes that they have their own INDOOR beach party, saying that they can do pretty much EVERYTHING — except the swimming part.

Everyone is excited by the idea. Indica points out that her parents are gone for the day, so they have free rein of the house. The girls eagerly strip down to their bikinis, ready to get the party started, giggling and complimenting each other. Now it’s time for the fun to begin!

As the girls lay out beach towels in the living room, they chat. Talk naturally turns to sex, with the girls mentioning that they’re all virgins. When Apryl adds that she’s never even KISSED a girl before, Lacy mischievously suggests that Indica kiss Apryl. The girls giggle at the suggestion. Apryl seems nervous but excited, and agrees. Indica approaches her, passionately giving Apryl her first kiss.

The other girls watch, growing increasingly lustful. Getting hornier by the second, Lacy has an idea. She suggests that they all lose their virginity to EACH OTHER. The girls are a little hesitant, but, excited by the sight of their hot, bikini-clad friends, eagerly agree. They all take off their bikini tops, getting a look at each other’s perfect, perky breasts.

Looks like these girls aren’t going to let a little rain spoil their fun!

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Spicy Redhead Lacy Lennon Fucked at POV Life

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Crazy hot ginger bombshell Lacy Lennon has finally arrived at POV Life. She is the perfect babe for POV style porn where all the action is focused purely on the action. This red head loves to meet random dudes for quickies and today is no different. She happily strips down showing off her firm ass and perky tits and wastes no time to pull down Jay’s boxers as well. She just wants to suck his throbbing cock while the camera is rolling. She is horny as fuck so she bends over with her denim shorts being still on her butt. Jay can’t wait to dive deep in Lacy Lennon‘s perfect redhead pussy! And the rest is history..

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Download the Full Action Here!