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Risky Fuck with Binky Beaz

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Sometimes life with my steppy, Binky Beaz, feels like a sitcom. It’s like I can hear a laugh track inside my head because she has such crazy issues. Today, she’s acting all quiet because her bf just broke up with her. It makes sense since she’s only had sex with him four times in a whole year! I try to explain that nobody likes a prude, but it’s always better to show than tell. To prove she’s not as prim and proper as she seems, she blows my cock right next to my stepmom in the kitchen! The way she twerks her ass and rides my dick, I hope she never gets back with her bf.

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Risky Fuck with Athena Faris

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Perky Athena Faris has been dying to go to a music festival with her friends, but her mom does not seem to think it is a good idea. Her steppy on the other hand does not seem to care either way. To get him on her side, Athena crawls under the breakfast table and plays with his sausage. She jerks his cock with her feet while she talks to her mom and the oblivious lady has no idea at all! Athena is a sneaky chick when it comes to risky fuck, and she manages to pull the clandestine coitus off with finesse. She lets him pound her tight pussy until he blows a huge load all over her face. No doubt she is going to the festival this weekend! Have fun!

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