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Lumi Ray in Feeling Restless Or Tired? by Nuru Massage

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A masseuse, Lumi Ray, greets her newest client, Seth Gamble. Lumi asks Seth what she can focus on for him today. Seth reveals that something must have gone wrong with his circadian rhythm, because now he’s having trouble getting enough rest at night… which means he can’t stay focused during the daytime. It’s messing up his ability to work, and even ruining his dates. His friend suggested that he get massage therapy to help reset his circadian rhythm. Lumi promises to do her best to help him, and they leave for a private room.

Once they arrive in the private massage room, Lumi invites Seth to get undressed for the massage. As they both get undressed, Lumi tries to flirt with Seth a little, but he’s too restless to notice. She is a bit disappointed, but gets to work. Amateur Allure Lumi Ray gives Seth a slow, sensual Nuru massage. She tries to be flirty again, but now Seth becomes so relaxed that he doesn’t notice.

Lumi makes the massage extra sensual in an attempt to get Seth’s attention, but he’s still too relaxed. She then starts to come on to him even more obviously, which makes Seth completely alert and receptive to it, especially once she promises that a happy ending will definitely reset his rhythm!

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Bella Blu’s Mine Is Better Nuru Massage

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Bella Blu is giving Seth Gamble, a prospective client, the tour of the facilities and grounds. He’s thinking of joining the spa that Bella works at, but so far, he’s not really that impressed. Heated pools, state-of-the-art workout equipment, massages… he can get all of that at home or at his regular gym! What’s so special about this place?

Funny he should ask since evil babe Bella has JUST the unique offering that’s sure to tickle Seth’s fancy: a NURU massage! Seth seems skeptical, but Bella’s persistent and he wants to give her a shot. She offers him a complimentary NURU massage, with her as the masseuse, so that he can see for himself what he’s missing out on.

Bella invites Seth to get naked and lie facedown on the mat. She disrobes as well, which catches Seth’s eye. She then pours some gel over herself and slides all over him. Before long, Seth seems to be getting more excited than he initially anticipated… in more ways than one. Maybe he WILL give this place a shot, but not before he’s finished getting his happy ending!

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