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Foursome with BFFs Cheerleaders Poolside

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Sexy cheer cuties Alice Visby, Sabrina Snow and Sofia Reyez are practicing for a bffs cheerleading competition when they discover that Tyler is going to be one of the guest judges. He’s coming over to watch them practice so they decide to seduce him to secure a win! Tyler is very impressed with their routine when suddenly the three girls get on their knees, take off their tops and work their asses off for what they want!

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Sofie Reyez Fixing Boner Issue

Sofie Reyez – Free Porn, Persian Kitty – Over 200,000 Free Pics

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When brainy beauty Sofie Reyez‘s horny steppy gets a migraine, he accidentally takes some of his old mans dick pills instead of aspirin! He is so embarrassed, he will not even come out of the bathroom, but luckily Sofie is understanding. She wants to help him out, so she wraps her fingers around his massive boner, jerking him sensually. When that does not work, Sofie takes it a step further, giving him a deep throat blowjob! Finally, she goes all the way, bending over for the lucky guy to fuck her pussy raw and slide his prick between her cute tits. His headache must be cured, now!

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BFFs Spa Day Foursome

BFFs Spa Day Foursome – Free Porn

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These days, people feel the need to film everything they do. Sofie is no exception. Her best friends are coming over for a spa day. So what does she do? She films it. Kitty and Gabriela show up, and get into some beautiful, white silk robes. They’re classing it up on the couch, painting each others nails, when Sofie decides to throw a cucumber at them. After a couple of obvious dick jokes, Sofie tells the girls that their surprise is here. Turns out, its a foot masseur with a big fat dick. The babes let their robes slip off as he rubs their feet, and this spa day quickly turns into a suck some cock and balls day. He fingers two pussies, one to his left and one to his right, while fucking a pussy right down the middle. Tha’ts some serious multitasking. Finally, our stud cums all over these BFFs, and they lick each drop off of each other while chanting, best friends forever. I mean, I have heard of a friendship bracelet, but not a friendship pearl necklace!

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