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Tantric Lesbian Massage

Tantric Lesbian Massage – Free Porn

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Emma walks into the massage room to find Sophia Grace meditating on a table. She says hello but Sophia doesn’t hear her; she’s in a deep state of trance and has left the material world behind. As Emma’s about to leave Sophia snaps out of it apologizing that she was meditating deeply. Sophia asks her if she is there for an atonement session but Emma looks confused…she booked a regular massage and has no idea what Sophia’s talking about. Sophia explains what she’ll be experiencing during this session and Emma’s impressed and is willing to give it a shot. They both sit on the table as Sophia instructs Emma to put her hands on Sophia’s heart. They close their eyes and begin doing breathing exercises as Sophia leads the guided meditation session. When Sophia asks Emma to take off her shirt, Emma isn’t sure as to why this is necessary. When Sophia explains that it’s part of the trust and releasing unwanted energy, Emma nods in agreement and takes off her top as Sophia continues the guided meditation while she caresses her body. By the time she asks her to take off her shorts, Emma is relaxed enough not to protest too much. Sophia asks her to lie down and then takes off her clothes. She gets up on the table and starts rubbing her body on Emma’s. She caresses her body and runs her hands on her pussy, Emma starts to moans enjoying Sophia’s touch. When Sophia starts eating her out, Emma never expected to reach enlightenment this soon.

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Sorority sluts casting for a new member

My First Pledge – Free Porn

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Everyone knows sorority girls are usually super bitches, and these chicks are no exception, especially when its time to haze a new pledge. Shane comes from a super wealthy family, and is known to get around. These seasoned sorority bitches plan on exploiting her with every little piece of gossip they can find. As soon as she gets to the house, right away they start verbally abusing her, and bring the intimidation on strong. They blindfold her and make her finger their pussies, trying to guess which member it is just by the taste. If she gets it wrong, shes getting slapped. After that, they begin to force feed her some pussy. Shane doesn’t know what to do or think, but she realizes it might be best to act strong and above this bullshit. Once she steps to the plate, she takes it like a real woman and embraces anything and everything these girls try to do to psych her out. WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU SHANE!

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Straight to ass with Sophia

The Butt Plug Dilemma – Free Porn

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Sophia loves annoying her steppy when hes trying to read. She starts laughing uncontrollably for no reason and he can barely concentrate! We soon find out that she was laughing because she had a secret butt plug up her ass and it started to tingle! When she bends over, steppy sees this and becomes a bit curious. He catches her napping and wonders if shes keeping it in all the time. She rustles as she naps, but luckily hes able to sneak a peek. He pulls her aside and tells her that the butt plug shes using is not the right one. He proceeds to show her his cock and let her know that this is the exact plug she needs, it will stretch her asshole to just the right size. He proceeds to stuff Sophia’s tight ass in all sorts of positions out by the pool. Her constant moaning of YES makes it clear that his cock was the right plug for her. He even supplies her with an exotic anal creampie. Looks like this duo have a lot more things to work on together!

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School slut Sophia fucks the teacher

School Wide Slut – Free Porn

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As Sophia waits to be talked to by her teacher, you can tell this is not going to be good. She seems super anxious and unsure of what the deal is. The teacher addresses her right away about all the fights taking place at school, every single day. He cant find the root of it, but thinks it might be because Sophia is fucking all the guys and they are getting jealous. She doesnt own up to it, so he has to investigate. She stands up and he examines her cute coed pussy, but cant seem to figure it out. He has to examine deeper, using classic medical tools like his finger and hard cock. He gets all up in this chick trying to find out if shes the culprit or not. Eventually after a rigorous fucking, we find out what we already knew. Sophia was the school slut, only to be further confirmed by her fucking the faculty too. She takes down her teachers jizz facial style and proclaims that she will stop fucking all the guys and only fuck him now. Sounds like good second semester plan to us.

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