Last Minute Bliss with Rebecca Vanguard & Octavia Red by All Girl Massage

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Rebecca Vanguard is preparing her massage table at a beautiful poolside. Her client, Octavia Red, arrives late and is stressed because of it, fretting over having made Rebecca wait. It’s revealed that Octavia just started vacation but that everything has gone wrong so far, which is why she’s in desperate need of a nice, relaxing massage.

Rebecca gets Octavia to strip down and lie down on the massage table. She sensually massages oil all over Octavia’s body, using her magic fingers to work the tension out of Octavia’s muscles. Slowly and surely, Octavia becomes aroused, and Rebecca decides that even though Octavia’s vacation may not have had a happy beginning, it can certainly have a happy ending!

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Kenzie Taylor, Blake Blossom & Slimthick Vic in Picture Her As Me

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Slimthick Vic and Blake Blossom are hanging out on their bed, two blindfolds next to them. They’re a bit nervous, but also excited… since they’re going to be doing something quite adventurous this afternoon. Something they’ve never done before… You see, Vic and Blake are worried that their love life has grown too routine. They know each other so well at this point that nothing surprises them anymore.

That’s why they’ve invited a random hookup, Kenzie Taylor, to join them for a threesome. But this won’t be any regular threesome. In this situation, Vic and Blake will be blindfolded while Kenzie pleasures them in surprising ways. The idea is for Vic and Blake to imagine themselves doing it to each other, while Kenzie is there to make sure things stay spontaneous.

But after some time, Vic and Blake are way too turned on to keep pretending. They want to SEE the woman who’s been giving them such erotic pleasure. They take off their blindfolds and bring Kenzie in for some more sensual fun between the sheets.

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More Than Fitness by The Real Workout with Riley Reign

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Sweet blonde Riley Reign wants to exercise to keep her body tight. As she works out at the gym, trainer Ken Feels can’t help but notice her stunning figure, amazing boobs, and perfectly round ass. He approaches her to offer some advice, but it’s soon clear that they both want more than fitness tips. True workout starts as Ken fucks Riley right in the middle of the gym, an intense session that will surely burn a lot of calories!

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Kimora Quin in Not A Little Angel Anymore by Little Asians

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Kimora wants to attend her family’s Halloween party in the sluttiest devil costume she could get so she could have a chance to meet someone new and lose her virginity. Her steppy Donnie can’t have her stepping out of the house dressed like that. Kimora Quin decides that, if she can’t have sex with someone else, she’ll just take care of her needs herself. When Donnie catches her in a devilish solo moment, he finally realizes that Kimora is all grown and longer his little angel, but she still has to prove she’s got what it takes to be called a playful little devil.

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Hard Fuck Italian Teen Victoria Nyx at POV Perv

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Italian teen Victoria wants a older cock to make her cream. She is showing off her sexy black nylons and gets the photographer so turned on that he shoves his hard cock in her tight hole and bangs her Hard, Just like Victoria likes it…. Want to cum on that sweat ass too?

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Our Way Of Saying Thanks

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Three besties (Jane Wilde, Maddy May, Maya Woulfe) are shocked by the cost of raising a family and are filled with admiration for their single steppy, Penny Barber. They express their love and admiration to her and want to give her something special, but they’re not sure what they could possibly offer.

After some hesitation, Penny admits that, now that they’re all beautiful women, she’s had naughty thoughts about a foursome. To her shock and delight, her babes are more than happy to fulfill such a fantasy, leading to sensual sex with a tantalizing three-on-one dynamic.

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Anal for Penelope

Penelope is looking for her bf, but the guy seems to be avoiding her. She has tried everything, from calling him to sending him pics of her butt, but she still has no answer. At her bf’s house, the guy’s dad, Chris, feels bad for her and comes clean: his son is playing with her while dating other babes. Penelope is crushed, so Chris decides to help her out. Soon, they develop a plan to make him pay: Chris is about to fuck Penelope in the only way her ex wasn’t allowed to…

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An Angel On Both Shoulders

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Kendra Sunderland is just putting on the finishing touches of her attire while talking with someone on the phone. It’s revealed she’s about to go hook up with her best friend’s wife. But as Kendra gets ready to leave the bedroom, she is stopped by an angel, Kimora Quin, who is a manifestation of Kendra’s conscience. Kimora warns Kendra that if she has sex with her best friend’s wife, she wouldn’t just be a bad friend – she would be a terrible human being!

Kendra is unimpressed and questions where the devil is, who is also a manifestation of Kendra’s conscience. Kendra is confident that the devil will support her decision to be naughty. Just then, Anna Claire Clouds appears, revealing that she WAS the devil on Kendra’s shoulder… but she has now switched sides and become an angel because even SHE thinks this is a bad idea.

It’s revealed that Kendra has a history of being impulsive. Although Kendra’s stayed out of trouble before, the angels think that she’s going too far this time. Kendra argues that everything will be fine, but the angels aren’t convinced. Getting an idea, Kendra starts trying to seduce the angels to win them over. The angels try not to be tempted, but they end up falling for Kendra’s bad-girl charms and give in, agreeing to a threesome!

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Kay Lovely & Kendra Sunderland in Close Together

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When Tyler brings Kendra Sunderland, his new girlfriend, to meet the family, he introduces her to his steppy Kay Lovely. Pretty soon, Kendra realizes that his family is a little bit different than most. Tyler has full access to his steppy’s body, fucking her anytime, anywhere he likes. Kay welcomes Kendra into the family by eating her out and showing her the wonders of being part of a sex-positive house!

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